Other NPCs


Bethany Andrews

Major Bethany Andrews is a veteran of the US Air Force who last served in Afghanistan. She's aware of the garou and approves of what they're doing. While not a kinfolk, she's of the opinion that some supernaturals just need to die. She's also haunted by one of her former subordinates, Lieutenant Laia Newburg, though haunted may be a strong word. Laia was discharged due to the machinations of a colonel in their chain of command when it was found out she and Bethany were in a relationship. Laia died driving home the day she landed stateside in a car accident. Bethany blames herself.

Father Michael "Mike" Leopold

A known church hunter (well, known to the garou) and the local Bishop for the Shelbyville Diocese, Father Michael spends his evenings sweeping the streets for "undesirables". Fortunately for the garou, that does not include them. Once part of a loose group of individuals led by Donatello Alighieri known as the "Zoo Crew", Father Mike has kept his ties to the garou and Fera. He can see and hear ghosts. Part of his life's mission is to help those unfortunate souls pass on.