Oksana Balanchuk

Rank: Countess

Kith: Sidhe

House: Fiona

Special notes: Oksana has the merit "Person of Note" and is considered by Stag to be part of the Fianna tribe and, at the least, the Fae emissary the garou should be dealing with. While she is not kinfolk, she is treated as having all privileges thereof.

Born to Alexander Balanchuk, a former Russian oligarch and his American wife, Sarah, Oksana has lived a life of luxury and privilege that, up until about a year ago included a wheelchair. While in that wheelchair, she never gave up her sense of wonder and love of the arts. After her chrysalis, the Sidhe inherited her rank as countess of the Silver Plains. Not long thereafter, as is common with House Fiona, she fell in love with someone she shouldn't: a gurahl.

The two formed an uncommon bond that recently took a large step as the pair are now engaged.

Oh, and the wheelchair? Gone. While most of the garou and Fera know about who cured her, they don't talk about it, even if it was one of their own.

Eric Huskin

Kith: Pooka (wolf)

Rank: Knight

Occasionally spotted running with the wolf packs, this wolf-not-wolf enjoys nature, fighting, and eating, usually in that order. Rumor has it he once saved Oksana from a cold iron blade at his own expense. A senior in high school, this big bad wolf is tall, dark, and brooding. Just don't believe a word out of his mouth.

Denise "Dee Dee" Dakota

Kith: Redcap

Rank: Knight

The only local redcap, Deedee's dad works as a bouncer at one of the local bars. Much like her dad, Dee Dee takes shit from no one and is short, broad, and mostly muscle. Her father's only child, she takes honor to a whole new level. If she says she's going to do the thing, the lords of darkness couldn't stop her. She doesn't care how big you are. If you threaten the countess, let the chips fall where they may and the bodies hit the floor.