Garou NPCs

Alan Mercutio

Homid Ragabash Adren Child of Gaia

Deed Name: Fool Me Twice

Pack:  Barrage Inc.

Quote: "I'm not saying I  put some dead rats in the cooler of that BBQ joint; however, I will admit to bribing the health inspector to do his job, not just overlook the problems."

Rumors:  Alan is a consummate prankster that tends to use non-violent means to render the wyrm ineffective.  A master of boobytraps and sabotage, he's usually the point man on any missions Barrage Inc goes on.

Alika Kalani

Homid Arouhn Fostern Child of Gaia

Deed Name:  Flying Squirrel

Pack:  Terminus

Quote: "Hit 'em fast.   Hit 'em hard.   Hit them 'til they don't get back up and then do it again.   Never forget: double tap."

Rumors:  Alika is a short, wiry young man who is constantly moving.  He is astonishingly acrobatic and is usually in a rush to play hit and run tactics against the Wyrm.  He is one of the youngest members of Terminus but has repeatedly shown his worthiness to be in a pack with Athro.  It won't be long before he makes Adren.

Anna Romani

Homid Philodox Adren Shadowlord

Deed Name: Bends What Doesn't Break

Pack:  Barrage Inc. (alpha)

Sept Position: Master of Challenges

Quote: "What did you do now and how many billable hours is this going to take me?"

Rumors:  A criminal defense attorney of no small repute, Anna is scary in her own right on the battlefield.  While she and her pack take orders from Clashing Boom Boom, she and her pack are the black ops team at the sept of the Far Dawn.  She is more than happy to get her hands dirty.

Bonnie "Bunny" Carpenter

Metis Arouhn Glass Walker Cliath

Deed Name: Critical Hit

Pack:  All Along the Watchtower

Quote:  "If it can be shot, stabbed, sliced, blown up, or ripped apart into itty-bitty bits, I'm your girl."

Rumors:  No one is exactly sure who Bunny's parents are.  She's keeping quiet about it.  A master of anything that can make the Wyrm go "boom", Bunny is tending the alehouse while her best friend Kimiko and her hubby are away.  And yes, the bunny ears are real and not a prop.  Bunny recently changed packs, wanting to keep close ties to Clashing Boom Boom, and is the newest member of All Along the Watchtower.  She's hoping to teach the "boys" that women are just as capable.

Calista Lykopis

Homid Ragabash Adren Black Fury

Deed Name: Insult to Injury

Pack:  Isthmene's Labrys

Sept Position: Guardian

Quote:  "It's a sign from Gaia:  you're an idiot."

Rumors:  Half-sister to Sophia Kattalakis, Calista is a personification of "Mess with me and find out".  She's always trying to get into other people's business, but, when it comes to her own, she's as tight-lipped as it gets.  Overly protective of her "baby" sister, Sophia, and her cousin Antonio, Calista exemplifies the reasons a man should never cross a Black Fury.  "The fates are women," she's quick to remind people, "and I will happily take you to meet them."

Cassandra "Cass" Cosse

Homid Arouhn Adren Child of Gaia

Deed Name: Anger Management

Pack:  Isthmene's Labrys

Sept Positions: Guardian, Wyrmfoe

Quote:  "Some men you just can't reach.  Then you get what we had  here last week: me beating his ass."

Rumors:  Slow to anger, even as an arouhn, Cass's main M.O. is to strip the rage out of anything she fights before laying waste to them.  She's recently become a partner in a marijuana farm on the other side of Windsor and can often be seen practicing Iskaku with Wren.

Darius Jefferson

Homid Philodox Cliath Bone Gnawer

Deed Name: Ain't Got Shit

Pack:   Road Crew

Quote:  "In the city, it's the law of the jungle and I'm the judge, jury, and executioner."

Rumors:   A huge comic geek, he's modeled his way of dealing with the Wyrm as if he were Gaia's own version of Luke Cage.  Dating Salina Biggs, he's already getting teased about the fact that the cat caught the rat.  He doesn't mind, though.  The pair of them are doing good work keeping the streets clean and trying to work with the police to keep things from getting out of hand.

Fearful Symmetry (Sym)

Lupus Galliard Fostern Black Fury

Deed Name: Fearful Symmetry 

Pack:  Isthmene's Labrys

Sept Position: Guardian, Talesinger

Quote:  "To hunt is to live.  There is a balance of predator and prey.  You will not prey on what is mine unless you, too, wish to be prey."

Rumors:  The only lupus in the Guardian pack, Sym is both the "big sister" figure in the pack along with a lot of the rest of the cliath on the sept.  Always willing to teach how to hunt and to provide for her pack, she will happily tear out the throat of anyone who endangers those who she considers her charges.    She is presently full with pups and is said to be looking forward to the experience. 


Lupus Arouhn Cub (likely Red Talon)

Quote:  "What do you mean 'I am not allowed to bite two-legs'?"

Rumors:   Gnash arrived on the sept not long ago.  Very angry, he was "rescued" by some Glass Walker kinfolk when he woke up in a zoo and frenzied.  Now, he's trying to sort out what he is with his new, expanded consciousness while also trying to understand what the "apes" consider "property".

Hope Alighieri

Homid Arouhn Adren Uktena

Deed Name: When Eagles Fly

Pack:  Isthmene's Labrys (alpha)

Sept Position: Warder

Quote:  "If you think you're strong enough to take my home from me, bring a shovel so that I can dig your grave."

Rumors:  One of the few present when the Sept of the Far Dawn was reawakened, her grandfather was the elder that did the ritual for the caern raising.  After leaving the sept for a while, she returned after her mother's death and became the sept's Warder, a position she's held since.  It doesn't hurt that her dad, Donatello, an elder in his own right, sticks around.  While she may not always see eye to eye with her father, they both want the sept protected at all costs.

Ivan Tariki

Homid Adren Theurge Silver Fang

Deed Name: Death Comes Knocking

Pack:  Terminus

Quote:  "Of course I'm happy to help you.   I need to just ask the woman behind you to stop singing 'Someone Like You'."

Rumors:  Able to see spirits, which is to say both wraiths and the more animistic spirits.  What else he's seeing, no one's quite sure of.  Still, Ivan is of notable heritage, above and beyond his similar appearance to other Silver Fangs of note.  For all that, he doesn't quite seem as stuck up about it.  Then again, he's the only Silver Fang on sept. 

Mary McDoud

Homid Galliard Adren Fianna

Deed Name: Danu's Favor

Pack:  Terminus

Sept Position: Eldest Galliard

Quote:  "What do you mean you've never heard the tale of the Silver Planes?  I haven't had  a chance to tell that in a donkey's years.   Cop a squat."

Rumors:  Her younger brother was a fae until he died in his twenties from cancer.  She rarely speaks ill of people unless it's a tale to teach others.  The first sept alpha, Seamus, was her brother-in-law, having married Mary's sister.  Because of this, she feels it's her responsibility to protect his legacy.

Nina Howlingwind

Homid Philodox Fostern Wendigo

Deed Name: Biting Cold Wind

Pack:  Barrage Inc.

Quote: "A chill wind blows no ill if it cuts through to the truth."

Rumors:  Until recently, she thought she was an only child.  With the arrival of one of the new cubs, it turns out she now has a little brother to protect.  That being said, she has been called cold and unfeeling, to which she often replies "When one is faced with the cold, much like the truth, you can ignore it, but that will not change your fate should you refuse to accept it."

Paul Edwards

Homid Ragabash Cliath  Fianna

Deed Name: Loki's Mischief

Pack: Road Crew

Quote:  "Silence is golden.   Duct tape is silver."

Rumors:  "There's truth in wine, sure, but it's not as much fun as whisky."  Owner of Paddy's Tap, a small bar in Shelbyville, Paul's main claim to fame is some of the best bar food in town.  He's always got an open ear to hear what's troubling you.    He's been assisting Bonnie with the on sept ale house.  When he's not busy pouring drinks, you can be sure he's up to no good, or, at least planning on it.

Paws Like Air

Lupus Ragabash Fostern Silent Strider

Pack:  Road Crew

Deed Name: Paws Like Air

Quote:  "Look, we need to go.   Now.   Why are you not running?   Don't say I didn't warn you."

Rumors:  Paws Like Air, despite having made Fostern, has never really gotten out of his "puppy phase".  He's still always trying to find ways to make others do the work if he can avoid it.  Spending most of his time trying not to be noticed, he will sneak around and take what he needs when he thinks he can get away with it; however, when the chips are down, when ordered to, he will get the job done... complaining about it the whole time. 

Sophia Kattalakis

Homid Philodox Adren Black Fury

Deed Name: Septima Signam (Seventh Sign)

Pack:  Isthmene's Labrys

Sept Position: Guardian

Quote:  "There are three sides to the story: your story, their story, and the truth.  In between these things are the fates and me: seven things that will decide this moment."

Rumors:  Half-sister to Calista Lycopis, Sophia is a tad obsessive, especially about the number seven (and yes, both "Seven" and "Lucky Number Slevin" are two of her favorite movies).  The youngest daughter of Artemis Kattalakis, she's the "baby" of the family.  That doesn't prevent her from calling out her oldest sister on her shit when she crosses the line.  Still, blood is thicker than water and having Calista in her pack helps Sophia keep an eye on her to try to keep her out of trouble.  The key word there is "try".

Thera Thorsdotter

Homid Theurge Fostern Get of Fenris

Deed Name:  Hrafn's Eyes

Pack:  Isthmene's Labrys

Sept Position: Guardian

Quote:  "This is going to hurt.   A lot.  You don't like pain?   Sucks to be you."

Rumors:  A tattoo artist and a bit of a punk rebel, Thera is every bit the iconoclast, which is why she and Calista are so tight.  A stereotypical dark theurge, Thera never fails to put her body on the line to get the job done and will happily destroy any bane, famori, or leech that gets in her sights.  To the amusement of her pack, she has a hatred toward chauvinists as a whole, clashing with a lot of those in her tribe.

Toki-Toki St. James

Homid Theurge Fostern Glass  Walkers

Deed Name:  Panic at the Disco

Pack:  Barrage Inc.

Quote:  "You have to try really hard to be that stupid.   My drugs will just mess you up.   That's still better than what happened to the other guy.   Now his soul is bonded with a bane.   Idiot."

Rumors:  A frequent drug user and local party girl, Toki-Toki has her ear on the pulse of the local concert scene.  Her cousin was a member of the sept that died years ago.  Once thought a Ronin, Cockroach has openly stated "I never stamped her pink slip.  She's one of mine."

Treads Into Harm's Way

Lupus Theurge Fostern Uktena

Deed Name:  Treads Into Harm's Way

Pack:  Road Crew

Sept Position: Den Parent / Keeper of the Land

Quote:  "I swear if another cub tries quoting Disney's Pocahontas one more time, I will bite their ankles off!"

Rumors:   With her last pack of cubs now cliath, her duties as Keeper of the Land has taken most of her focus.  Still, she gets twitchy when she hears "Colors of the Wind" and when stupid homids use too much tech around the sept.


Homid Arouhn Athro Child of Gaia

Deed Name:  Thirty-four Stone Strike  / Bear's Little Brother

Pack:  Terminus (Alpha)

Sept Position: Sept Alpha

Quote:  "It was said to speak softly and carry a big stick.  It's a lot easier when you're a ten foot tall rage filled killing machine."

Rumors:  Wren's existence in this world is due to a bit of timey-wimey whibbly-whobbly.  Killed years ago, due to a "flashpoint" event, a version of Wren from another timeline was brought into this one (along with the current sept beta,  Howls-for Gaia's-Pain).  Since his return, his voice of calm and reason has done the sept well, as either the Wyrmfoe or, more recently, as the sept Alpha.  Wren has his own rules on top of the litany that he expect anyone on sept, garou, fera, kin or other, to follow.  Within those laws, you would be hard-pressed to find someone more just than him.  He is also a master of Iskakku, the art of staff fighting.

Xiang Wi

Homid Galliard Athro Star Gazer

Deed Name:  Five-Fold Way

Pack:  Terminus 

Sept Position: None

Quote:  "Come, sit, take a load of and enjoy some tea while I explain what has happened."

Rumors:  Xiang Wi owns a tea and sushi shop along with his wife Akari, an Akashic Brotherhood mage.  The tea shop, known as the Golden Lotus, is the defacto neutral ground for all supernaturals in the area with the only rule being "Do No Harm".  Xiang Wi is a master sushi chef and was originally from a small Japanese community in Tulsa, OK, where he met his wife.

Roger Stabler

Homid Arouhn Athro Glasswalker

Deed Name:  Bring the Rain

Pack:  All Along the Watchtower

Sept Position:  Wyrmfoe

Quote:  "Sixty years, man.   Sixty years.   Trapped in the battlegrounds, in 'Nam.   I never thought we'd get a second chance.   Now, we do.  Oorah."

Rumors:  Trapped in the battlegrounds, it was due to a young cliath pack following their totem down a moon path and the rest of those with them not wanting them to go alone that the pack was able to "complete their mission" and wipe out the VC famori once and for good.  They assumed they'd go back to their own time but now they're in the twenty-first century and quickly acclimating to all the new tech.

Terry "Snoopy" Whitehall

Homid Glasswalker Theurge Adren

Deed Name:  Burn it Down

Pack:  All Along the Watchtower

Sept Position: None

Quote:  "I've got air support inbound, sir."

Rumors:  Part of the pack that came back from the battlegrounds, Terry earned his nickname for sticking his nose where it didn't belong.  While well suited to be a ragabash, it wasn't his calling.  Instead, Terry provides operational support to the pack, usually via intel from spirits or logistic support.

Alex "Blue Sky" Smithers

Homid Glasswalker Philodox Fostern

Deed Name:  Blue Sky at Morning

Pack:  All Along the Watchtower

Sept Position: None

Quote:  "There are two things you will never take from me: being a Garou and being a Marine.  Oorah."

Rumors:  Part of the pack that came back from the battlegrounds, Alex is the only trained pilot of the group but usually is in charge of mission breifing and debreifing.  A tactical genius, he takes pride is his squad while making sure the other Glasswalkers don't give the one Wendigo in the pack any grief.

West Wind Blows

Lupus Wendigo Cliath Ragabash

Deed Name:  West Wind Blows

Pack:  Barrage Inc.

Sept Position: Truth Catcher

Quote:  "Something smells funny about this and it's not the napalm."

Rumors:  Part of the pack that came back from the battlegrounds, West Wind Blows (or "Windy" if she's in homid around mundanes), only agreed to be part of the Clashing Boom Boom Pack as no others from her old sept would take her.  The hope was that her prankster ways would be drilled out of her.  While her sense of humor is a bit darker than it was, she's taken to her new family and, despite them being wyrmbringers, she appreciates that gets to experience a wider world than she would have otherwise.  At least she's at a sept dedicated to Wendigo now.  That's a plus.

After a month at the new septm West Wind Blows recently swapped packs and is now a member of Barrage, Inc.