Corvid Corax

Quote: "Look, good, bad, dead, it doesn't matter. It all looks the same in the sun. Except vampires. Now that's a fireworks show worth watching."

Rumors: Boo is a covid born corax that can see the dead. Perhaps a cruel joke, he was named Boo because, originally, he was scared of his own shadow. It didn't help that a ghost kept hiding there. Now he tries to keep an eye out for the not so quiet dead in order to show them how to get to the light.

Donatello Alighieri

Homid Pumonca Bon Bhat

Quote: "This is my town and these are my woods. You're just living here. You hurt them and I will bring suffering upon you the likes that you cannot fathom because my kids, my wife, and these woods matter more to me than your continued existence ."

Deed Name: "Dead and Buried", "Clint Eastwood"

Rumors: Owner of The Inferno, a clothing store in downtown Shelbyville, Donatello is also an influential member of the local underworld, a trained assassin, and devoted to his wife, Tori, and his daughter, Hope. Yes, that's right. The cat's kid, Hope, is a garou. Got a problem with that?

Genji Ishikawa

Homid Kataribe Kitsune

Deed Name: "Laugh Out Loud"

Quotes: "Wise is the man who laughs, especially at evil as it falls down the stairs.", "SAKI!"

Rumors: Genji originally arrived for the wedding of his second cousin, Kimiko Han. Now, he's decided to stick around, teaching Eastern studies and making a pleasant nuisance of himself. He is overly fond of saki and tends to hang around the Gurahl as he finds their peacefulness refreshing.

Melody Stormwood

Homid Mountain Guardian Elder

Quote: "Look, I'm just saying that between me and Grandfather Thunder, I should have the bigger mountain."

Rumors: Mentor to Adam Rivera, Melody arrived not long after Enapay, a river keeper elder, was murdered by the Technocracy. She has a weird relationship with the local Shadow Lord and routinely spars with Grandfather Thunder because she enjoys the challenge.

Selina Biggs

Homid Qualmi Tilau

Quote: "What you have to ask yourself is why are you here in the first place? How did you end up in this mess? The best question though is if you had fun getting here?"

Rumors: Supposedly dating Darius Jefferson, Selina is about as territorial about her little glen as Donatello is about the sept of the Far Dawn, which is to say don't enter uninvited. She may not see everything, but the Qualmi see more than most; however, good luck sorting out what information she shares in the first place.

Whisper Willow

Rodens Tunnel Runner

Quote: "Look, just ignore me, okay? A lot of my friends died and I'm still trying to sort it out."

Rumors: As far as almost anyone is aware, Whisper Willow is the only remaining Ratkin in the area after the nest and all but one of its inhabitants were systematically wiped out by the technocracy. The sole other exceptions? Well, Mike had it coming and Donatello was done dealing with him, so Donatello took Mike out himself. Whisper Willow usually hangs out at the back of the Golden Lotus or near the Rat shrine, occasionally joining Adam Rivera on his beach picnics.


Elder Corvid Corax

An elder Corax and clutch mate of Boo's, Nevermore has a peculiar curse: he can only speak in two-word sentences. It makes sharing details tricky, but, instead of looking for a way to get rid of the curse, he embraced it. Also known as Helios's Chosen, he tries to bring light to the world in his own unique Corax way.


Steve is a Twitcher that wants to kill as many Glass Walkers as possible. A completely unhinged lunatic, he has yet to be stupid enough to try to take on other Fera; however, that may just be dumb luck. Yes, he plays Borderlands. A lot.