Greta Torstein

Get of Fenris Kinfolk

Quote: "Say what you want about my son. You may call him a murderer, a monster, a sociopath. All of these things may well be true, but he is first my son and a warrior. I will not have you shame his name."

Rumors: Greta had Flint late in life. Now in her mid-fifties, the small woman is the classic German mother: proud of her son first, last and always. She works at the local grade school as part of the administrative staff.

Kimiko Han

Stargazer Kinfolk (Married to Promise of Dawn)

Quote: "Look, all I'm saying is that my life was with the wolves since I was born. Besides, have you seen Promise in just a pair of boxers?"

Rumors: Kimiko Han is a weeaboo of the highest order, to the point that most everyone presumes she's Japanese. Nope. Both of her parents were natives of Seoul who immigrated to the United States a few months before she was born. Obsessed with Japanese culture, it's somewhat peculiar that she ended up with a Fianna whose parents were both Uktena. Still, being around the garou did introduce her to her best friend, Bunny. She's presently off with Promise of Dawn, touring Japan.

Leon Crowfeather

Uktena Kinfolk

Quote: "What do you mean 'stolen'? Yeah, I know that guy lost his tires. Dude was a coal roller, ya know. If it were me, and I'm not saying it was, but I'd say he got off lucky if all he lost were his tires."

Rumors: Leon's originally from a Pawnee reservation in Oklahoma. He was recently offered a job with good pay and "benefits" in Shelbyville. If you need parts, he can find them for you, just don't ask where they came from.

Petra Kristendotter

Get of Fenris Kinfolk

Quote: "Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but I prefer a Beretta 92fs."

Rumors: Up until recently, Petra tried to stay clear of the Garou. Then she met Tori and Flint. Smitten by the sociopath (after all, he's not evil, technically), she now works for Tori Alighieri at the Inferno, just down the street from Flint's garage.

Victoria "Tori" Alighieri

Get of Fenris Kinfolk (claimed by the Pumonca)

Quote: "If you want to do the dumb, that's on you. If you want to go after me and mine, choose your grave."

Rumors: Tori and Donatello's relationship started innocently enough, in a club on open mic night. Now, five years later, Tori is expecting her first child. While only a decade older than Hope, her step-daughter, Tori still considers Hope to be her kid even if they act more like friends than parent and child.

Lita Shiningstar

Uktena Kinfolk (Cousin to Hope Alighieri)

Quote: "Look, I'm not crazy. Really, I'm not. I got my aunt's shamanistic knack is all."

Rumors: Found in the psychiatric ward of St. Mary's, she was thought dead for the better part of a decade. Hope and Donatello are a tad protective as she's a long, lost, link to both their pasts.

Lisa Vanderbilt

Glasswalker Kinfolk

Quote: "Let me guess. It's a wolf problem."

Rumors: While not overly fond of the fact that she's a kinfolk, she understands why she's important in the grander scheme of things. Just don't try to claim that, just because you're a garou, you're better than her. Bunny's new best friend now that Kimiko is in Japan, the two frequent Sam Stoner's gun range.

Chase Winterford

Glasswalker Kinfolk

Quote: "First of all, do no harm. Second of all, do we have the tools needed to heal them?"

Rumors: Little is known about Chase aside from the fact that he is a medical engineer AND a renowned neurosurgeon. He had supposedly retired at the age of fifty-two, but the chance to lead his own hospital brought him out a few years later. He is a grandparent and has been noted to be close to his oldest grandson, Elias Winterford, a freshman student of medicine at the local college.